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I have a 2001 Skyline GTR with the following mods;

HKS Silent Hiper

Apexi Front Pipe

Abbey De Cat

Abbey Restrictor Plate

Trust Power Intake

Power FC D-Jetro

Pipes for Air Flow Meter Removal

Blitz Boost Controller

OS Gigen Triple Plate Clutch

Nismo Intercooler

Apexi Fuel Pump

HKS Cam Shaft

HKS Cam Pulleys

I am now in the stage of upgrading HKS GT-SS . I am aiming 500 wheel power. Some people say that it is a straight bolt on kit and I dont need to buy anything else. But some people say that ı have to buy the following. I know I have to buy bigger injectors. But apart from that do I need intercooler and air filter piping? Do I need 1.2 head gasket and other gaskets? Do I need head studs, valve springs, retainer set, front pulley kit?

That was a long question but I hope someone will help me as I am confused!

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