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I recently bought aN R33 GTS-T Skyline an all was fine for a week until a come off the motorway yesterday. The car was running like a bag of bolts but was still driving. as i tried to boost i to see if the problem would clear i had a load of oil burning ( the cloud of blue smoke ) and the oil pressure gauge was rising pretty quickly but under no boost it was fine. i got it back to my garage and stripped off the intercooler, exhaust system and turbo and as i suspected there was oil in them. i know my internal seals have gone but i cannot find anyone who does a repair kit for them. Turbo Technics and Turbo Dynamics said they can repair it but wont sell me the kit i need to do it myself as they want me to send it to them to have it repaired. does anyone know where i can get the kit or do you know where i can get a replacement or bigger turbo for a decent price ? if i was to go down the road of going bigger what would you recommend ?

Greatly appreciated if you can help asap as i want to get back on the road and have some fun again.

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