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Help ! :(
Had the GTT less than 7 days, have done around 600 miles in her... less than 40k on the clock....

Anyway, on motorway in 5tgh gear, crusing along as u do.....
Anyway, when the revs were over 3500rpm, and holding it steady, the yellow engine light comes on, until i move my foot to go faster or slower..
If i hold steady on 4k rpm in 5th, the light comes on :(
If doing say 3400rpm or less holding steady, then all is ok.....

What could possibly wrong ?!!
The one thing i did notice this morning, driving over 80mph, seemed to give shudders or vibrations, which makes me think the wheels need balancing..... Would that have an affect on the car to make the engine light to come on if it thinks there too much vibration cos the wheels not aligned ? did feel it pulling from side to side a few times on motorway...
Feel like crying :(

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