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Hi there, i'm seriously considering buying myself a Skyline, will probably be an r33, gts or gts-t(if i can get away with it on the insurance...)

but before i do, i would like some advice, if it's not too much trouble....
i've liked Skylines since i first saw an r33...somewhere....i've wanted one since, and i am totally "in love" with the r34, but again, insurance says no to an r34...

what i would like to know is, what are the main faults/common problems of the r33's, and generally what are they like to drive?

apologies if this information is somewhere and would just need searching for, but bb boards' search engines dont seem to like me...i have read the "read this you monkeys" thread though...

can anyone give me pointers on what to look for when buying a skyline too?
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