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Hi Guys and gals been a member for quite a bit just haven't posted as been working quite a bit so now qualified :) I can finally take the GTR out of the garage and start to do all on the wish list :) and afford it lol. wright hear we go lol on taking the car out of storage I have had the car over heat on me and now she sounds like shes only running on single turbo and on a small spin no second feed back on letting of on spool up not good so much for dry storage and running the car every week so ill be needing a few bits over the next few weeks also going to change oil pump N1 so if anyone has any info on the causes of the over heating and turbo failure would be well appreciated :mad:
Spec power fc
1989 gtr 65k
trust front mount
alloy Rad
up rated clutch not sure of
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