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Hey guys. I looked in the FAQ section of the SAU forum in order to test out my HICAS system to make sure that it is working properly. I successfully made it go into diagnosis mode however I can not tell exactly what code it is giving me. I was hoping that you guys could help? Here is what I get in diagnosis mode:

btw, my HICAS light does not stay on. The only reason I checked it was to make sure it worked. The light only comes on when I start the car then goes off. Now to the business

10 short pulses for 5 seconds (as stated in FAQ)
No pulse for 5 seconds (also as stated)
One 1 Second Pulse (?)
3 short Pulse (?)

Based on my reading of the other diagnosis thread (the one I initially read only went up to 9) I THINK the code I am getting is Number 13, HICAS Motor Output not Present. I was hoping that you guys could confirm wither I have the diagnosis correct or not?

Also if I am indeed correct in my process and diagnosis, how the HELL do I fix the problem!? :ninja: I would REALLY like to have my HICAS working properly and will appreciate any help that you guys can give. Thanks a lot for the help!

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