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Hey all,

desperately seeking help with a HICAS fault on my BNR34 V-Spec

During the install of a new fuel pump, the car was moved without the ATTESA or HICAS computers plugged in.
Since then it's had the HICAS light on the dash permanently.

I've taken it to two places for diagnostics (including Nissan themselves) and they've both given the same error code, as attached;

HICAS Error code 33: Engine speed signal
(see attached)

Sadly, here in NZ pretty much everyone i've spoken to has said "We don't have a clue"
This includes Nissan themselves (though they're happy for me to leave the car and a signed blank cheque with them :/ )
and several performance shops.

The obvious choice is to lock out HICAS BUT that's not really what i'm wanting to do as the system still works when in diagnostic mode.

I've been in for a wheel alignment since but it's still not cleared :/

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
(Posted this on Skylines Australia too as I'm desperate to fix the problem)


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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