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Hey guys,

I noticed that on the way home tonight my HICAS light decided to switch itself on and stay lit. :(

Does this mean BIG bill for a replacment / repair or can it light for the simplest of things?


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On my car my light come on when I drive on the motorway for some time without moving the wheel! It thinks that there is a fault. Ignition off and on resets.

Copied from The sky is the limit

HICAS Diagnostic Mode

There is a HICAS warning light in the instrument cluster. If it comes, on it is indicative of a problem.
R32: Check the HICAS oil level (power steering reservoir in some models, or a remote reservoir accessible from the boot)
R32 and R33: Check all HICAS electrical connections, and if the light remains on, follow the diagnostic below.
Note that having an aftermarket steering wheel fitted without the appropriate HICAS boss adaptor can also cause the HICAS system to show a fault. Advanced Imports in Auckland
stock the HICAS Boss adaptor kits.

_ Switch ignition off, transmission in neutral or auto in Park.
_ Start engine
_ Very quickly (with a couple of seconds), turn the steering wheel left and right about 20 degrees from centre five times, and then pump the brakes five times, then press the brake pedal once more this will enter diagnostic mode.
_ Drive forwards or backwards about 5 metres at a speed less than 10km/hr, this will enter full diagnostic mode.
_ The HICAS light in the instrument cluster will be flashing quickly (for normal) or will flash a code indicating any problems.
_ Long flash = first digit, short flash = second digit.
_ Diagnostics will return to normal after five minutes, or any speed over 10km/hr, or ignition is turned off.

HICAS Diagnostic Codes 19891993

1 HICAS solenoid right hand
2 HICAS solenoid left hand
3 Cut off valve
4 Power steering solenoid
5 Vehicle speed sensor
6 Steering angle sensor
7 Neutral position sensor
8 (Auto) Parking brake sensor,
(Manual) Clutch sensor
9 (Auto) Inhibitor switch,
(Manual) Neutral sensor

HICAS Diagnostic Codes 19931999

11 HICAS control unit
12 HICAS motor power supply not present
13 HICAS motor output not present
21 Vehicle speed sensor not present
22 Steering angle sensor not present
23 Steering angle sensor neutral or not present
24 Rear main sensor input not present
25 Rear sub sensor input not present
31 Parking brake sensor input not present
32 (Auto) Inhibitor switch input not present
(Manual) Neutral switch input not present
33 Engine speed signal not present

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check yer fluid levels

I have had this happen as well and as dave says it seems to be a fault.
Also noticed that the levels on the car were a bit low in the power steering reservior and the container in boot for the diff levels. Got them topped up and all seems to be well.

Good luck. Nick

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Thanks for the info guys... I will keep this for future reference.

I started the cat this morning and all seems fine again. One thing I think it may be is the steering wheel.

I presume the previous owner had an aftermarket one they wanted to keep so my car now has a Nissan Primera steering wheel! :(

If anyone knows someone getting rid of an R33 GTS / GTR wheel cheap, let me know...

Thanks again,

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give abbey a ring mate

01883 732331
It is like a skyline graveyard down there and they should have the wheel off my old GTR...only rolled 3 times :p
no seriously they have so much 2nd hand stuff and it needs to be shifted.

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