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cut and pasted from hks's web site (not much help but anyway!!.)

HKS USA English Instructions

Frequently Asked Questions >

English Instructions

Q: My HKS product did not have any English instructions.

A: HKS USA inserts english instructions into the products that ships from HKS USA. If you did not recieved them, please contact the HKS dealer where you originally purchased your product. The HKS dealer should provide you with the instructions for the HKS product. If the HKS dealer can not obtain the instruction manuals for you, you may contact HKS USA's customer service line at (310) 491-3300. Please have your original invoice accessible as you will need to fax HKS USA a copy of the original invoice. If you do not have a copy of your original invoice, there is a charge of $5-10.00 depending on the number of pages included in the instruction manual. HKS will then fax, mail, or email (if applicable) instructions upon receipt of payment. These charges are for customers in the continental United States and Canada. International countries are slightly higher. Please note that not all of HKS USA's English instruction manuals are available in email able format.
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