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Hello everyone!

Im a new member to the forum and I have just bought a lovely R32 GTR, 1992 car in silver.

The car came from Japan with only 38K on the clock and an N1 engine and upgraded transmission/driveline.

My problem is that the car has an HKS EVC (4?) stepper motor and solenoid installed BUT no controller! I think the previous owner in Japan either didn't have it or removed it and never included it at export. The car is on stock boost levels according to the gauge, so if it was tuned, then have dropped the boost back to standard for export.

Anyway, would it be easier to just swap to a more modern EBC, or do you know i any of the other model HKS controllers would work with this stepper motor? I would prefer this as Im a little bit tight on funds after getting the car!!

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