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We are factory trained V-Pro engineers,
we cover V3,3.1 and 3.2 We do not cover v2 series but really the new 3.2 version is the only one to have as this has all the features and gives the most functions.
It is the best ECU on the market there is nothing that even comes close in its price bracket and even some of the more expensive ECU would have trouble keeping up with it.
Why is it so good, well thats because it just works there is no drama,
There are many maps on it with all of these set correctly cars fly and response is excellent. It is only as good as the parts that are on your car and many a time we have maximised the efficency of prior purchased components,It offers futureproofing to your investment and what ever your power need the V-PRO can deliver it.
We can install it in either piggy back loom configuration or stand alone configuration.
As it is such a large ECU 32x32 it takes a little longer for us to map when compared to other ECU"s but the extra cost is well worth it.
It is so expandable that when it is fully set up you can further improve with microscopic changes to the fuel maps but it needs a base to start from, Its a bit like when you tune your PC for your use,
We can Taylor your need, into your car, how you want it.

We lock our ECU with a pass word and never unlock it for anyone this protects both us and you, It ensures that problems can be cured easily and quickly as we set in a constant datalog of your car of which we can see what has happend.
If you do not agree with our policy of locking then it is simple dont have our version of mapping facility and dont use us for your V-Pro, but remember our version of DATA mapping is different to our competitors.

We travel the globe to install and tune the V-Pro if so required

Just to clear up a myth with a locked ECU a new map can be set by any authorised HKS V-Pro dealers we do this all the time we dont ask any other dealers for their passwords.

We are also f-con SZ and S factory trained this is a stage 1 tune piggyback ECU it is usefull to correct fuel and ignition requirements with standard or minor mods it works fine but is no good for future upgrades.

Navigator, bit like the pfc commander for sz and just a info center for V-Pro
worth having just for the bling oh and the air temp monitoring.

F-Con Si Coming soon, also some other little goodies.
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