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Hi guys, just want to tell about my experience. I'd always used the HKS Super Turbo oil and it's really good. But yesterday, I wanted to try the Super Turbo Racing Pro, which is a step above the former and more expensive too. Wanted to know whether it's worth the money.
I have to say it's really really good. The engine is so quiet and the response improves so much that I am going to stick with this oil from now onward. Cruising at 140kph, I could now onluy hear the road hum,exhaust note and the gear whine. That's engine sound....just like driving a Lexus! Step on the pedal,still no engine sound...only the turbo spool could be heard on top of the other 3 sounds! Well worth the extra money. All GTR owners should try least once.
Er...I am not working for or associated in any way with HKS...ok!
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