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Well i am having a change around in my cars so got two good headunits to sell. The first is slightly boring for some of you but is a factory option honda cd headunit. It features a Minidisc player and a 6 cd changer built in so you havent got to fit anything in the boot etc. Not sure how rare these are but not letting it go for silly money as i know what OEM stuff sells for, ideal if you want the factory look back, looks great lit up all red, is from my DC5. Looking for £70

Right the other one i have owned for a fre years, its an Alpine flip out screen that plays the usual, cd's,dvd's, copied cd's etc etc. It comes with the box and instruction, may have a remote but please dont bank on it. It was a top of the range alpine some years ago, here is a review. It is one of very few screen that has a face off section to deter thieves

Buy Cheap ALPINE IVA-D900R - Reviews UK

Comes with brain etc and works really well, a few tiny marks by the buttons which you can just about see in the first pic, looking for £175

Am open to swaps for honda DC5 parts or a different headunit, either single din or double din just something nice really
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