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Hi all,

First off apologies for the wonky number plate (Literally JUST got my documents back for my old plate before taking these photos) and the interior needing a hoover but those will be rectified in a few days.

Honda Integra DC5 Type R with C-Pack (Optional extra at new for Rear wash/wiper, Privacy Glass to rear and side windows, Folding Mirrors, Metal Pedals and Parcel Shelf)

Reason for sale: Going to University in September to further my career as a Strength and Conditioning Coach.
Being March at the time of writing this, I am in no rush to sell, I can comfortably afford to run/maintain and insure the car, but I'd prefer to free up some capital - so please no daft offers and NO Part-Ex available.

The car has been serviced and maintained at three reputable tuners and importers here in the North East in my ownership; JM-Imports (JM-Imports - Japanese used cars - Used Japanese car imports direct from Japanese auctions and dealers - Based In North East Newcastle), Revolution-Gateshead ( and LG-MOT (Local Japanese Specialist)

On import the car was treated to the usual underseal, KPH > MPH conversion and rear lights rewired to accommodate the fog light so there are no nasty fog light holes in the rear bumper (2 inner red lights are the fogs)

When I bought the car I had no intentions of University and thus spent a lot of money early on making the car perfect, rest assured this car is in the best condition it can be with no expense spared, the car was owned by a previous forum member as well so you know the car has been looked after, I viewed 5 other DC5's before this one and this far excelled the others in condition - beware of some out there. I'm also an active member of the DC5 enthusiast forum and picked up a wealth of knowledge from here.

Road Tax: 31st Sept
MOT Expires: 29th November
Current mileage = 98k but will increase as I'm still using the car

In January of this year, the car was treated to a full front end re-spray (ALL PANELS ARE ORIGINAL) as the imperfections were getting on my nerves. The car has genuine and stamped C-West Front Bumper and Sideskirts, mated with the VERY rare ‘First Mold’ Rear Diffuser (Only car in the UK with this combination) which gave the car a very aggressive stance, this was further complimented by the Tein MonoFlex fully adjustable Coillovers (Adjustable ride ride + stifness)… couple this with the D2 adjustable camber bolts I supplied and fitted to the car and this finished the aggressive stance, I've taken the car low enough but can still clear all types of speed bumps with ease.

01/12/2002 – Build date
01/07/2009 – Imported through WRC-Sales (undersealed and converted to MPH at import)
02/04/2013 – I purchased the car
10/04/2013 – Engine & Gearbox oil replaced with OEM Honda -3
19/04/2013 - Purchased 2 x Brand New OEM 'Type R' Stickers - £40
17/04/2013 – Full laser wheel alignment, camber and toe adjustment at Revolution-Gateshead - £60
15/06/2013 – Purchased 4 x Falken ZE912’s in 205/45/17 - £280
20/06/2013 – Purchased D2 adjustable camber arms from a forum member - £80
26/06/2013 – Purchased Genuine Lenso Spec-C wheels in dark graphite in 17” x 7.5 – ET40 (Perfect Honda fitment) + Fit the Lenso wheels & tyres + another full laser wheel alignment, camber and toe adjustment at Revolution-Gateshead - £571
07/07/2013 & 07/09/2013 – Supply & fit 4 x wheel bearings + 2 x track rod ends + labour at JM-Imports - £700
10/09/2013 – Realignment at Kwik Fit (hunter 4wheel system) due to track rods being done and installation of rear, adjustable camber arms - £50
11/09/2013 – Full under body under seal re-done again for my piece of mind at FD Motors - £100
10/10/2013 – Purchased primary O2 sensor from - £170
11/10/2013 – Purchased a brand new o/s headlight - £150
15/10/2013 – Fit said O2 sensor - £40
11/12/2013 – FULL service (Engine Oil/Filter/Gearbox Fluid/Brake Fluid and PAS fluid) at LG-MOT - £400
18/12/2013 – Full Honda 30-Point service check by Honda in Sunderland (All green ticks – Perfect)
18/12/2013 – Supply & Fit o/s window regulator by Honda in Sunderland - £228
30/01/2014 – Honda Cox Motor Parts Discs & Pads - £151.90
19/02/2014 – Fit genuine Honda discs & pads at LG-MOT - £30
02/02/2014 – Custom ‘burnt tip’ Cat-Back Exhaust - £160

Total - £3310 (I will have forgotten other stuff plus this doesn’t include smaller jobs)

As you can see by the money I've put in, and the condition of the car, you will be buying an absolute peach of a car that’s had a lot of money spent on it!
I will be truly gutted when the new owner drives away, the car is absolutely spotless. Honda made such an awesome car and I still find little neat subtle tweaks to this day.

Test drives will be agreed if you have proof of COMPREHENSIVE insurance for this car or hand over my asking price in cash whilst you drive the car....remember this is a performance car. Otherwise I will do the driving and do any requests you have i.e. go through all revs/gears/emergency stop etc
It's still my daily drive after all, and don’t want somebody having a joy ride with no intention of buying and ruining my hard work/money spent!

The head unit will come with the car, I'll get more pictures later but it connects to your iPod and can display album art etc

Any questions feel free to message me via:
Text/Call me on 07540-131-377...please note I work a varied amount of shifts and, at times will not be able to answer my calls/texts immediately but I WILL return any correspondence I get as soon as I'm able to.

I have high resolution copies of all the pictures used in this advert, available if you supply me your Email address (make sure your provider allows larger files) and I'm able to take more upon request - best bet is to see the car in the flesh, you will not be disappointed.

Kind Regards,

Pictures: Click thumbnail to expand

Only bit of damage the car has:

Old reg but pictures not off a rainy day:
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