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Hi all

looking to kill 2 birds with one stone here, my wife is looking to sell her 2003 S2000GT and I am after a GTR Vspec, so here are the details:

the car is lovely and although wifey does love it she feels unable to justify keeping it given that in a year she has barley used it covering probably half of the 7,800 miles that it has done in the year since it was new (the other half were done by me ;))

the pictures below will tell you pretty much what you need to know - the car is 100% standard with not a single mod in sight.

as you can see from the pictures below, the car is Berlina Black with the Black/Red interior option i.e. the dash, tunnel, rollover hoops, and door cards/furniture are black and the seats and carpets are red.

1st registered in mid July 2003 it has tax until end of June 2005.
It is a UK dealer supplied car (Alan Day Southampton) and as such comes with manufacturer's warranty and full UK & European AA cover until mid July 2006 when it becomes 3 years old.

Ignore the '51' plate on the car - that's Claire's personal plate which will NOT be included in the sale - upon purchase the new owner will need to supply their own cherished number to go onto the car or I will arrange for DVLA to issue a new number to the car when this one comes off.

Anyone who knows about the S2000 will know what a gem it is in terms of depreciation - this car was £27,500 when new, and now, one year and 7,800 miles later, I am asking just £21,995 for this fine low mileage, 1 lady owner example in one of the best colour configurations there is.

meanwhile I am also looking for GTR Vspec for myself up to £20k (no R32's please) - I'm fine with mods (see my modded NSX here), but prefer an understated exterior as I will be using the car for business, so if anyone selling a suitable GTR is interested in the S2000 with cash adjustment then please let me know

if you are interested you can contact me by email [email protected] or phone 07813 709169.
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