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how many miles do you plan to do per year?

how hard do you want to drive it?

basic costs

fuel avg 18-20mpg, long run you can get 26mpg
tyres £1000 /10000miles
brakes £1500 / 15000miles
servicing £600-700 / year for a full service

how much the 35 will cost to maintain really depends on how much and how hard you use it..

from your post it sounds like you will easily afford to run it as long as you not planning to do 30k miles per year in it

go for it.. in stock or lightly modified form its a great car as a daily drive

oh and dont bother with the "extras" that the 2011+ have.. its a rip off buy a 59 plate sat nav or if you dont need sat nav then just go for a nice 09 plate.. easy!

live a little
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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