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I'd say you're too close to the edge of affordability for a car like the GTR. They are very heavy on the brakes/tyres. As others have said - it depends on how many miles you're going to do per year and under what conditions? Driving between Hove and West London I averaged 16mpg, but touring down to Italy and back in was over 19. I've never seen 26?

I did around 20k miles in 14 months. I used Dunlop tyres so they were expensive, but they cost £3.1k in that time. I had some issues with discs so replaced a set but even using Litchfield the servicing goes beyond your budget. See the running costs here: Smifffy's Nissan  GT-R  Black Edition  (2009)

As an only car the GTR can be practical for 2 people, but a full family? Not so sure. The boot is large but the rear seats are for midgets. The car is harshly sprung, so 4 up over speedbumps will be horrible & getting the family in/out all the time will be tough. Car parks are a pain as the car is over 1.9 metres wide - so I ended up parking well away from everyone if possible.

Probably not what you want to hear but I think the advice to save a bit more and get a 2nd run around is sensible. You're definitely doing the right thing to look at this decision very carefully though - good luck either way.
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