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As topic says I wonder how you have registered your skylines. I'm Norwegian and until a few months ago we could import skylines from uk and register them on an exception rule. But now, there has come a rule which says that cars cant be registered on double exception, that means that the cars cant have been registered on some exception rule in the country where the car comes from. Therefore I wonder if any of you have registered your cars as a standard car? If im way off with this registration stuff, please inform me how it really works over there.

What do you mean when a car is K-reg?

Does anyone know where to get Tüv papers for a r32 or r33 gts-t? They are available in norway for about 5k, and thats just for a copy.. :nervous:

I've sold a lot of stuff lately and with my savings i think i will have around 10k to get me a skyline of my own. Due to norwegian taxes (if i ever would be able to register her) i can probably afford a car for around 3-5k. Im 19 years old and have only been driving a lame passat, so a standard 2.5 gts-t would be a nice step into the circle of tuning :rolleyes:

btw. our stupid country has decided that import taxes on cars with big engines and huge Co2 emissions will get much more expensive after new year, so i'm kind of in a hurry...

- Trion
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