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I'm looking for Skyline but I realy don't know how to go about it.
I know that their in California for 95k, but on the other hand for the same car it's only 45 in Japan. So I have a couple questions.
1)Would it be better to try to get it from Japan? How would I go about it? How would I have to modify the car? How much would it cost? How much is the shipping? who would I contact?
2) What skyline model is the best? Is it the 400R by nismo, the gtr R-34 m-spec nur? which one?
3)I live in Chicago is it legal to drive on the right hand side? I've been all over the place trying to find out but no one really knows not even the cops/not even the secretary of state.
4)who would be able to tune my car where would I be able to learn how to fix it (in Illinoise) preferably in Chicago?
5) I know that this question is kinda early to ask but I want to tune the skyline to about 1300hp, so how would I go about that what type's of turbos, cams, injectors etc.
I know that this is gonna cost a lot but I just got started in this AWESOME internet company, so money isn't the problem.
Thanks in advance
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