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Im new to the skyline scene stright from the cosworth/ford scene. I dont actually own a skyline yet but really like the R32 GTR's.

as i dont know anything about them can you lot help?

how much could i get a r32 gtr with 300 - 400 bhp in good condition.

also what sort of problems are skylines likely to get?

Is there any skyline tunning mags? i know about jap perfomance and banzai but apart from skylines and evo's not interested in the other fast and the furious things that its full of.

cheers people

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I would strongly suggest you get one where you can believe the history, and better still have that history backed up.
If you are buying one from an importer, make sure you are happy with their reputation. What will they do to make the car uk compliant.
If you are buying from a private seller, can you trace the cars history during its time in the uk.
R32s can be had for relatively little money. I bought my car and know all the uk owners all of whom were active on this forum.
If you get one privately, you should be able to talk to the garage which carried out mods and any servicing.
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