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Hello, i know this may seem like a funny question but what kind of performance figures am i looking at with the below mods and what kind of boost, eg. bar or psi can i run comfortably as the car will be my daily driver.
and are there any things that any of you can reccomend me to also do?


Mods as follows:

gt 35r .82a/r
external wastegate 46mm
full 3inch from downpipe and straight through 3 1/2 to back box blitz nur spec
sard 280 fuel pump
660cc injectors
hks stage1 cams
hks pulleys
1.2mm head gasket
arp head studs
apexi avc r 2
z32 afms
apexi power fc
hks twin plate clutch
oil cooler
standard rad
standard intercooler
standard bottom end
standard cylinder head


Looking forward to your replies :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts