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Thought I would do a quick write up on how to remove the lock assy from the trunk/boot lid and re-key/re-code it to work with your existing door locks and ignition assy.

I used the help of a video from YouTube for the actual re-key part, it made everything very simple.

Tools required:
Socket wrench and 10mm socket
10mm box end wrench
Needle nose pliers
Set of precision/jewelers screwdrivers
This video -
*Optional* Small dainty fingers you got from your mom's side, not manly sausage fingers like dad :mad:

First step, get your boot/trunk lid, and flip her over, nice and gentle.:nervous:

You should see two 10mm bolts holding on the catch or latch assy (not sure what to label it). Remove those bolts and pull off the assy. I will say, looking back, this "might" not have to be removed, but it made it easier for me to see behind there for the actual lock assy.

Next, you'll want to locate the flat piece of metal holding the lock assy on. It has enough of a catch on it for you to get your finger on and pull whichever direction to get it off the lock assy. As far as I can tell, this is what helps hold the assy onto the lid. So make sure you don't lose it and/or bend/break it.

You should now be able to push the lock assy out the lid.

Now, move over to your work area so you can begin disassembly.

From here on out, I pretty much followed the video's instructions, pausing it each step. Of course it's a different vehicle, but they work the same way and have similar parts. Make sure to take your time and DO NOT lose any of those springs! Pay attention to the direction things were before you remove them. I would even go as far as taking pictures on your cell phone before doing a step, that way you have a reference to go back to in case you get stuck. The precision screw driver is a must, made it so easy to get parts off and pry little tabs up.

*NOTE* how the black metal cover appears to be angled, make sure it goes back the same direction*

Here I just stuck the screwdriver in between the spring and twisted.

Here I paid attention to which tumblers went down and which stayed up. That kind of helped in figuring out which to move around, since they all should go down when the key is stuck in.

Just pry em' out!

Turn over (maybe give a lil love tap, gently). Be careful!

Of course i kept them segregated, I just made one side top and one side bottom in my head and kept them that way and in order from closest to where the key goes in to the end, just in case.

Switch them around, til you get the key to go in and all the tumblers go down. Sorry, no pic of that, but should self explainitory on that one. Basically switch back and forth between these two steps:

until they all go down and you can rotate the assy with the key inserted. IF you get them all moved around and one or two won't quite go down enough to be able to roate it, then you might have to file down a tumbler, til it works. I had no issues, matter of fact, had one and a spring left over, haha. :nervous: Re-assy is just reverse of steps.

Hope this was helpful to someone. Please feel free to make any corrections or give any tips.

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Thanks! Hopefully I'll have a bunch more How To's that haven't been tried/wrote up. I'm still going back and forth on if I should do a build/journal thread on here or not. so it'd go hand in hand with other HT's, like this.
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