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Sorry if this has been covered! But could not find it!

It's a very simple concept. At Bedford Autodrome our longest circuit is the fabulous GT, or Gran Turismo circuit. Its 3.6 miles includes a brilliant variety of testing asphalt; long straights, super-fast corners, fast chicanes, medium speed corners and hairpins. With Howfast drivers can come along to specified days and set their lap time for their car, and that goes into our overall Howfast database on this website.

Does any one know these people or are you one of them?

1 1 Darren Soothill Nissan Skyline GTR 245 2:49.67 0
2 1 Mark Rogers Nissan Skyline R34 300 2:58.40 135
3 2 Colin Smithers Nissan Skyline 2.5 GTR 33 3:23.95 0

Well done Lads, I beleve Darren Did very well in last Mondays event!

Perhaps we should take a small team next time just to show the who raley rules the road?

Reslts from Monday 29th April 2002

1 Steve Sutcliffe Caterham R500 2:34.20
2 Kelvin Broad Lotus Seven Twin Cam 2:38.85
3 Maurice Reeves VW Golf GTI MK1 Turbo 2:38.95
4 Trevor Reeves VW Golf GTI MK2 Turbo 2:40.55
5 Peter Morris Porsche 911 (964) RSR 2:42.60
6 Colin Goowin Caterham R500 2:42.65
7 Chris Harris Lotus Exige 2:43.45
8 Andrew Banks Porsche 911 GT3 2:43.70
9 Trevor Reeves VW GTI MK1 2:46.463
10 Robbie Kerr Lotus Exige 2:46.57
11 Alan Archer BMW M5 3.8 2:48.80
12 Tiff Needell Porsche 911 GT2 2:49.400
13 Darren Soothill Nissan Skyline GTR 2:49.67

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I did try, without much response, to get a few of us together for this:

Darren is a Hiteq customer and set that time at one of last years events. I think Monday was wet so I doubt there were very many good times. I see Trevor still managed a great time (9th) in the Golf though...

The results you list are actually a cumulative results table including last years events as Maurice was second before Monday and Darren was previously 11th.


BTW, I did an unofficial 2' 45" there in March which was one reason for wanting to have another go.... ;)
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