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I have a HTC Touch HD for sale.

Its an awesome phone and i love it to bits but i need to sell it to fund my quest to 450+ BHP!

I have added a custom Firmware with Windows 6.1 Manilla 2.5 and HTC Sense which is not available on any phones yet without custom firmwares.

It is SIM UNLOCKED so can be used on any network.

Comes with charger, 2GB micro SD card and USB cable with original box.

I also have a PDAIR case which cost me £20 and is great protection for carrying it about in your pocket and 3 spare screen protectors. There is one already on the phone.

There are a few scratches on the screen but cannot be noticed when you are actually using the phone only when it is turned off.

I am after £220 plus P&P.

Sorry for bad quality pics had to take them on another phone!
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