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Got a nasty surprise a few weeks back after I found lots of oil dripping from my bell housing (oo-er missus! :eek: ). Came to the conclusion that the rear crank oil seal had been damaged when putting the engine back in after it's rebuild :(.
After just completing a rebuild I was in no mood to start pulling the engine out again so I thought I'd get some advice from the experts and called Marc at The Garage in Wishaw.
Marc knows Skylines very well seeing as he used to own a blisteringly fast R33 GTST, I'd met him before when he helped to set up the timing on my 200sx whilst waiting in line for a rolling road session. He's a real performance car enthusiast and a top bloke to boot!
Marc was able to tell me that he could replace the rear crank seal by 'simply' dropping the gearbox and that it could be done within a day :D so I booked it in last week.
On the day, I was able to sit in the Garage's fantastic lounge/waiting area and play PS2 and watch DVD's on their excellent home cinema system. Marc's mechanic's are all excellent guys who were always offering me tea and coffee and were happy for me to come and have a look at the damaged seal once they had the gearbox off :thumbsup: .
As promised they car was back together and running that day. I was very happy with the work done and the excellent value for money!

So thanks again Marc, Calum and the lads at The Garage :thumbsup: :clap: .

Jonny :D
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