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Over the next week we will be having the very latest Hunter Elite TD wheel aligner installed.

One of the unique features of this equipment is no metal on metal contact with the wheels so no risk of scratching your alloy wheels.

We will be taking bookings for the 24th February 2014 on wards and prices are:

  • Alignment Check - £9.99
  • Front Tracking - £29.99
  • 4 Wheel Alignment - £89.99
  • 4 Wheel Alignment and Ride Height Setup - £199

Here is a video showing some of the features

We also have more information available on our website by clicking here

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I've used "tracking" machines for 20 years now and this is like a spacecraft compared with the old ones. It's quick, accurate and very easy to use (although I'm still learning some of its function LOL) I'm sure you had done the best investment with it :) (Also make sure to get yourself on the "alignmycar" website as it's working very well by getting "normal" cars in the workshop ;) )
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