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I am currently importing a number of Australian made quality electronic dual stage boost controllers. These units should hit the shores of Blighty by Mid July.

The Hybrid electronic boost controller is the best value for money! The HKS EVC boost controller retails for around £400, and the Apexi AVCR retails for around £350. For half the price, you get the same reliability but not as many flash unnecessary gimmicks. It’s basically a functional, practical piece of kit for the more discerning car tuner.

The technical specifications of the unit are as follows

*Microprocessor controlled
*Closed/open loop design
*Accurate boost regulation
*Fast boost attenuation
*Two boost settings
*Compact design (In-car controller measures 79mm x 39mm)
*Fully in cabin adjustment
*9bar /130psi solenoid
*Easy installation

I can offer these to you, on a first come, first served basis at a substantially discounted price as Owner Club members for £180 inclusive of VAT plus £10 Royal Mail Registered post.

If you want to take advantage of this offer this is what you’ve got to do!
1) Send me an email stating your intent to purchase the HybridEBC
2) I will then reply to the first 20 emails to confirm that you have been allocated a unit
3) I will then send you a Pro-Forma Invoice (email or snailmail) with 10 days credit terms
4) Once your cheque has been received and cleared I will notify you of delivery method and time.

515 Posts
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The boost controller was design to be very compact in size and very easy to install (basically 3 wires to connect + ,- , and boost sensor signal)

It is designed to use the factory boost sensor signal to provide the boost reference since regulate the boost. However, it can also be configured to run as an open loop boost controller for other vehicles without a boost sensor.

For others & race cars an optional boost sensor can be purchased for up to 45psi .

Here's the install sheet for your reference.


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