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Long time since update

Not updated the thread since February 2017,

As Bobby & the Z team have finally let me go home its time for a few photo's. :eek:

First the wordy bit!

We had virtually completed the re-fresh to the underside and was extremely pleased with the result but on inspection - the engine & engine bay now let me down.....

So, we decided to perform a full engine out, engine bay re-fresh too - Ah!!!!!!!!

After the engine was removed & all components / ancillaries removed - all parts where carefully cleaned and decisions made to either replace with new, re-paint or re-plate. MASSIVE TASK!

for example:- new engine covers purchased, New 'old' Nismo oil filler cap & petrol cap located (thanks R1ab), New Reinik, Bilstein, Nismo & 2193E decals purchased.

New Nismo / Nissan gaskets, Cu washers, belts, filters, fluids etc purchased and full Cam belt service completed.

Nismo intercooler removed, cleaned, repainted and fresh NISMO logo applied.

Front splitter & side skirts repainted. Intake plenham repainted.

Corroheat inside cavities, fit new chassis grommets.

Remove all none original stainless steel cap head bolts used within the bay and replace with new Nissan OEM zinc fixings.

Engine back in, compression test completed whilst we had the chance, all good and MOT - Wham!

Wheel alignment completed.

Back home. :D

photos to follow shortly. :thumbsup:

It was a massive job and I have missed out 1001 tasks above,

In total it took 370 days, but you only have to take your pride & joy to Zealou5 ONCE!

The great team. :eek:

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400R Original sales brochure

Many thanks to a couple of forum members for help in locating & supplying the 400R brochure just received.

great condition and A3 size too. :thumbsup:


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