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Hi all,
Got my 1st skyline from Nick (Trojan-Sport) in oct, from there it went straight to Ron at Rk tuning for a piston rebuild for 2 months as it was busy.
Here is what the car looks like anyway, ive stole them from the previous owner.... I dont think Nick would mind.

The previous spec was before it went to rons.
FIELD Bodykit, comprising of front bumper, rear bumper, side skirts, and high level rear spoiler.

HKS EVC Boost controller.

GReddy fuel rail (inc. uprated injectors).

Kakimoto Racing Rocket Dancer Striker full exhaust system.

ARC oil catch tank.

NISMO G-MAX Multi-plate clutch.

HKS 2530 Turbine kit with steel internals.

Polished engine bay.

Tein fully adjustable coilover suspension.

Sony CDX-C6400X CD head unit and Sony MDX-60 Minidisc changer.

HKS Racing Suction Induction kit.

HKS hard pipe kit.

5 Tomei gauges (3 passenger dash mounted and 2 driver A-pillar mounted).

Mine's VX-ROM ECU.

HKS ver.1 Turbo Timer (not connected).

NISMO Intercooler.

NISMO LM GT-1 18" wheels.

Rebuilt gearbox 4 months ago at RK Tuning. (Used 3 times since!).

Gargage Defend Carbon Fibre cooling panel.

Clifford Concept 300 total enclosure alarm. :chuckle:

When it was at rons it suddenly aqquired.....:popcorn:

woossner 86.5mm forged pistons
acl race bearings
nissan n1 oil pump
tomei sump baffles
block was clean bored and skimmed
1.2mm head gasket
1 turbo gasket set
oil seals
oil filters
and ds2500 pads fitted.

Running at 0.8 bar currently to run it in for the 1000miles, then turning it up to 1.2bar where it was before but getting the fueling mapped properly due to melted piston before (suspect not enough fuel).
Enjoying every minute, the power of the thing is unbelievable and the four wheel drive makes a hell of a diffenence, however its a trife to handle in the wet....:nervous:

The only problem with the car is the amount of time a spend at shell.....:confused:

But other wise I have never driven a machine quite like this, the handling of the thing round (dry) corners is perfect and keeps so flat.

I just want to say a big thankyou to ron at rk tuning, a real honest guy that knows his stuff, with a lot of patience and gives sound advice.:bowdown1:

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