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I'm having a blonde moment I guess :rolleyes:

A few weeks ago I set my adjustable camgears differently on my stage 1 gtr looking for some more midrange grunt.
So I advanced the inlet vernier 2° and the outlet cam retarded 4°.

She ran great like this but yesterday I remembered to check the ignition timing as I changed the cam alignment and hadn't ver checked it before.

It was 30° BTC at 900 rpm with the brown AAC plug removed. So I turned the CAS to set it at 20° (fifth mark from the right on the crankpulley) and drove her home.(this way the CAS was almost all the way over the the right leaving no more room in the slot and the left side)
She ran like crap so when comming home I reset it where it was to 30° BTC on tickover (approx the middle of the CAS setting slot)

Is this right? Is it because the outlet cam with the cas on is also 8° retarded with the cam being 8° retarded? Or is there something I'm missing here?
I don't want to blow her up...:runaway:
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