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Ill be leaving the Skylines behind very shortly, but Im not moving to something else you will all be pleased to no!

After my little crash last New Year with the matt black R32 GTR I lost my no claims and Ive got a few points on my licence now :bawling: My renewal is due very soon and obviously I cant get insuranced, well not unless I managed to become a Premier Leauge footy player to afford it if they give me a quote :D

So my plan is to get a runner for the next year or so, Im also selling a 325Ci Coupe (Have a look in the Other Marques section) and the cash from both cars will be going down as a deposite for a house or apartment.

I have had alot of fun and experiences with the Skylines over the past 5 years, my first Skyline was a flip painted R33 GTS-T and then I moved on to the R32 GTR's. I will start looking through my pics and post up a few from my years of Skyline ownership.

Im sure I will return back to the club hopefully and probly sooner than later! :D I will be attending Trax at Silverstone as my last offical car show this weekend to give the R32 GTR a good fairwell, I will hopefully see a few of you guys down there.

My R32 GTR will be in the For Sale section during the week, have a look if your interested.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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