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Have owned a mint r33 gtr vspec for 6 mths . Imported it from the Japan.
Has a full weldina cruising exhaust system from the turbos,400r nismo body kit. nismo gauges ,turbo timer and a few other visual enhancements. I put a KN panel filter and some LMGT1 18x10 +20 wheels with falken 275/35 tyres.
Changed all the oil for redline .The car goes really well as it should at 38k k on the odometer.
The engine is in GC with good even compression on all six cylinders.
I want to increase power to around 300kw and would like it to be very responsive . not interested in bulk power.
From my research on turbos it appears that either garrett 2860Rs (HKS gtss)
or trust T517z 8.0cm2 are good torque monsters. The gtss are double roller bearings and water cooled and the trust jobs are sleeve brgs and not water cooled. I think the trust jobs come on faster though.From what everyone says.
Would like to fit a apexi power fc with the boost controller kit as well which is self learning.
Also want to fit new cam pulleys ,crank pulley and tensioner rollers with a stronger toda belt , so as to guarantee the drive train.
Want to leave interior stock apart from the FC controller I do not want any extra gauges.
Dont do burn outs just fast windy roads. Would the clutch last?.
This is not a everyday driver just my obsessional toy. (top grammar)
I would really appreciate any input on this and welcome any suggestions
before I commit coin.
Regards micov
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