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TrackScotland sprint day at the iconic Ingliston circuit (or part of it).

Part old track, part pedestrian pathways, this course is tighter than a gnats chuff and includes a scary banked hairypin with no runoff.
In fact there is only wet grass and the odd toilet block to stop you if you stray off line.
The track is as suited to GT-Rs as I was to my ex-wife :)
There are lovely electric plugin points for the outdoor events (RHS etc) which stick up on the exits of some corners, to keep you honest.

The day was warm, hot, cool and wet, in about that order. A damp, slightly leafy, but drying track.

I had my Stage1 R35 and another guy had his Stage4, slogging it out for the 400HP+ AWD class.

No contest, I thought. Despite the tightness there are still two decent straights where his extra horses should trump mine.

Unbelievably our second last laps of the day were identical times of 1.08.56, which he then followed with a 1.07.10ish. I couldn't beat that as the drizzle started between his lap and mine. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. :D

Here's the two vids - his first, then mine. His might be either the 1.07 or the 1.08.
Mine is the second last lap, at 6.40

Jason's lap
Sprint Ttack Scotland - YouTube

My fastest lap
Nissan GTR at TrackScotland Sprint, Oct 2013, Ingliston - YouTube

Unbeflookinglievably I was comparing the telemetry between this time and the last time the GTR was on the same track, back in 2011.
Using Racelogic Circuit tools I can see that I actually did a 1.08.42 yesterday. And in 2011? 1.08.43!

It was dry in 2011 but I had fewer horses then.
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