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If you want 725's 1000's or even 2000's! These can provide you the 11mm or 14mm that feeds your needs! These are all high impedance and will work with aftermarket fuel rails including PHR. Into more detail with Injector Dynamics if your new to this brand or the newer technology of the Bosch EV14 Injector, the bosch injectors were released in 2005 releasing the newest best and leading technology in Injectors and how they preform, tune and create the spray pattern with atomization.

Injector dynamics took the Bosch EV14 and modified it to their spec to create a more instant atomization. Atomization is where the air and fuel mix when sprayed in the Combustion chamber and mixes to create the proper A/F's allowing your car to run correctly. When you have an injector that has a good atomization then you can be able to tune the car reliable anywhere from a low idle to a high extreme boost. I am sure most of you think the 2000's are overkill when they are really not! These injectors again can be tuned to maintain idle unlike the older versions in technology. Making your car rock and run rough, not wanting to start when cold or smoking / not maintaining a consistent tune. This is the NEWEST AND BEST injector on the market period! This has been tested for 5 years now and not many people understand injectors which is why they still may use old technology!

Get these in the combo on sale for a one time deal for only 2 weeks or keep the technology from the 80's under your hood! :D

We are doing Combo Deals for a 2 week sale!

PHR Fuel Rail with specific hardware kit of either RB25DET or RB26DETT with Stock or Greddy intake manifold!

These can be polished or Anodized black in our kit and the choice of injectors with clips.

PHR Fuel Rail & Injector Combo

Kit 1 includes:
PHR Fuel Rail Kit (Polished or Anodized Black) + 725cc Injectors (High Imp) (11mm or 14mm)
Injector Clips
Retail $1090USD
Forum Cost $810USD

Kit 2 Includes:
PHR Fuel Rail Kit (Polished or Anodized Black) + 1000cc Injectors (High Imp) (11mm or 14mm)
Injector Clips
Retail $1090USD
Forum Cost: $810USD

Kit 3 Includes:
PHR Fuel Rail Kit (Polished or Anodized Black) + 2000cc Injectors (High Imp) (11mm or 14mm)
Injector Clips
Retail: $1810USD
Forum Cost $1350USD

Injector Dynamics 2000cc

Injector Dynamics 725cc

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