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R35 GTR DAB Radio Kit (Integrated and Plug and Play)

No need for professional installation or extra controllers stuck to your dash !

There are many DAB products on the market. 99% of them work by transmitting the DAB signal over FM to your head unit. You then have to control the DAB from a separate device stuck to your dashboard.

Here we have Dension's integrated solution which I've modified to provide an easy plug and play solution to both the DAB unit and the Aerial for your GTR (SatNav Models Only as a USB socket is required).

The Kit Consists of :-

  • Dension DAB+U USB powered Receiver
  • High Quality Powered DAB Aerial
  • GTR Modification with Cigarette Lighter Power

The Dension DAB+U is a DAB receiver which is kept in your GTR's armrest. It's plugged into your USB socket for power and communication to the factory head unit of your GTR. When the USB source is selected on your head unit, it displays the DAB radio stations as a list of MP3 files that you can choose from to play.

The included powered aerial provides a high quality amplified signal without the need to ground the aerial at the window end. Most aerials have a tab which requires you to remove the trim next to your window and stick to the chassis of the car. This aerial has been specifically chosen and modified to allow you to simply stick on the rear window without removing the side trim or seats. Simply run the cable to the armrest, tucked down the back of your seat and use the 12v power plug inserted into your cigarette lighter next to the USB socket. You then have a plug and play aerial and DAB solution which can be installed in 5 minutes. If you want to hide the few inches of cable at your rear window side, you can remove the trim to hide it however, this might take an extra 20 minutes or so.

Another advantage of this solution is you can simply unplug the DAB receiver from the USB socket in the GTR and plug it into any other USB equipped car you might have (extra aerial required)


  • This solution is for SAT NAV cars only as it requires the integrated USB socket in the armrest
  • Whilst this device will work in most cars with an integrated USB socket - I cannot be sure it will work with your other cars. I have tried it in two different Audi's and a Skoda without problems.
  • The Dension DAB+U device is equipped with an ‘Automatic Buffer Size Assessment’ (ABSA) function. Since the buffer size may be different in each car, the device detects the buffering time needed by the playback device to function correctly. When you first start up the unit (switch on the ignition), there is around a 1 minute delay whilst it gets an up to date station list. The GTR buffer size between station changes is around 28 seconds. So it is not possible to have ‘radio like’ station changing with the Dension DAB+U. If you like to flick channels a lot, may this isn't the solution for you.

Price is £149+vat (£178.80) and I'll include free shipping for the moment on the forum. Extra aerials are £29+vat.

Drop me a PM if you are interested in one.

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