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Interior Detail
"The Tidy package"

You spend most of your time inside your car. So why shouldn't your interior be as clean as your exterior? use hand selected, tried and tested products which leave your vehicle looking and smelling fantastic. Once vacuumed, a professional purpose built valet water extraction machine is used to carefully remove as much dirt and grime from you carpets, seats and fabrics as possible. All interior trim, dash and doorcards are cleaned and detailed.

[Please note: The vehicle's interior may require 24hrs to dry. Disposable seat covers, and disposable floor mats are provided so the vehicle can be driven immediately. We recommend removing seat covers, and disposable floor matts once car is parked, to allow seats and carpets to dry naturally.]

Cost: £60
[An additional charge of £15 will be charged for heavy soiling or excessive pet hair]

Vacuum, litter removed
Seats cleaned (Cloth and Leather)
Carpets, floor mats and fabrics cleaned
All plastics cleaned and detailed
Stain and spot removal
Headlining cleaned (as required)
Dash and clusters detailed
Vents and trim gaps cleaned with detail brush
Glove box and ashtrays cleaned
Interior glass and rear view mirror cleaned
Door and boot shuts sprayed with a citrus cleaner and wiped
Boot area cleaned
Final inspection to make sure your car meets our high standards
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