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Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to post some thoughts and to make things a little more clear on purchasing internationally and, of course, specifically from us! If you have never purchased from us it is VERY simple and cost effective which is why more of you should take advantage of things like this.

I am on here all the time taking order from sunrise to sundown, and well into the night. PHR will always makes its best effort to support you guys with sales and new products and supporting the existing products on the market. The one thing that I know everyone considers when purchasing internationally is the money conversion rate (exchange rate). Obviously this is something out of our hands, but other than the exchange rate, I have a few good reasons that I will go into detail about on why you SHOULD buy from us.

Powerhouse has some of the lowest Shipping Rates worldwide, and we forward our savings to you, the customer, to retain a high international shipping volume every day from a small box to a pallet. These shipping rates we will give you multiple options from the cheapest to most expensive (with tracking #'s) and get your package to your door within 1-15 days depending on the option chosen. We offer FedEx (our quickest and often cheapest service), US Postal Service (USPS), and a freight company for a larger orders/boxes like a hood, body kit, or motor.
A little deeper into shipping: We have set up a VERY unique relationship with FedEx Express which ties in with international shipments that allow us to ship items for as little as $30 depending on where your location is. $30 on a small package is cheaper than you can get anywhere in your country especially after you factor the local shop to you marks the part up 17-30% to make up for the loss of importing it in from the states + MORE TAXES!

On to the second reason: "Duties and Taxes" which is probably the most important reason for spending money in the USA. Almost all shipments crossing international borders are subject to the assessment of duties and taxes imposed by the importing country's government.

A shipment's duty and tax amount may be based on:

* Product value - We are customs "FRIENDLY"
* Trade agreements
* Country of manufacture – USA and Japan for virtually all our parts
* Use of the product - "New Car Parts"
* The product's Harmonized System (HS) code - Normally never ship fluids which is a higher one than most product you would purchase from us.

A VAT is a general consumption tax assessed on the value added to goods and services. In some countries, including Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, this tax is known as goods and services tax or GST. Because this is a tax on consumer expenditure, businesses that are VAT-registered and fully taxable do not bear the final costs of VAT. Every member state of the European Union (EU) has a VAT.

A VAT is typically assessed on the "duty paid value" of the goods (which equals the cost of the goods, insurance and freight (CIF) plus duty), which in our case we always take off the shipping and insurance on the invoice so that is another thing we save you!

See which VAT / GST Rate applies to you:

• Australia 10% VAT
• Austria 20% VAT
• Costa Rica 13% VAT
• Denmark 25% VAT
• Dominican Republic 16% VAT
• El Salvador 13% VAT
• Finland 22% VAT
• France 19.6% VAT
• Germany 19% VAT
• Greece 19% VAT Different rates apply on Greek islands
• Grenada 10% VAT
• Guam 4% Use Tax
• India 12.5% VAT
• Italy 20% VAT
• Jamaica 16.5% VAT
• Japan 5% VAT
• Luxembourg 15% VAT
• Malaysia 10% Sales tax
• Netherlands 19% VAT
• Netherlands Antilles 3-5% Turnover tax
• New Zealand 12.5% GST
• Nigeria 5% VAT
• Norway 25% VAT
• Panama 5% VAT
• Paraguay 10% VAT
• Peru 19% VAT
• Philippines 12% VAT
• Portugal 20% VAT
• Romania 19% VAT
• Russia 18% VAT
• Saudi Arabia N/A VAT
• Singapore 7% VAT
• Slovak Republic 19% VAT
• South Africa 14% VAT
• Spain 16% VAT
• Sweden 25% VAT
• Switzerland 7.6% VAT
• Taiwan 5% VAT
• Trinidad and Tobago 15% VAT
• Turkey 18% VAT
• United Arab Emirates N/A N/A
• United Kingdom 15% VAT
• Venezuela 12% VAT
• Vietnam 10% VAT

If buying from a shop in your country, you pay for these taxes no matter what, even if you do not see them directly added to the cost. Why not pay the taxes on a smaller amount from us with CHEAPER shipping rates than even buying from the local shop?

For the final reason, and to sum it all up, we have a 10,000 sq ft (1,000+ sq. meters) warehouse that carries thousands of different parts from the small to the large. NOT JUST SUPRA / SKYLINE specific but many very well known name brands like, ARP, Carrillo, ATI, Mishimoto, Koyo, Fluidyne, HKS, Greddy, AEM and many more. Chances are we will have it in stock or is only out 1-2 days, excluding some rare special orders. With the cheapest / most competitive prices (and we DO PRICE MATCH) what more could you ask for? Of course! Fast and Friendly Service, guaranteed always to be fast and knowledgeable. We go out of our way to serve YOU and YOU only! We do our best to get to all emails same day, but there are times when we can be overwhelmed and takes a little more time. If there is a better reason to go somewhere else I want to hear it!

Would like comments on this post about your thoughts and if we can help, I know I am here 15-18 hours a day if not all night and I will help!

Thanks for all your continued support and since we just renewed our account on here, see you for another year.

Joe with Powerhouse Racing, Inc.

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Joe you also need to update your phone number in your signature mate.

Just called and ended up with some crazy texas women telling me how I woke her up at 3am and now ive just woken her up at 9pm!

hahaha :cool:

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our new number is on our website guys!!

I will make the change in my signature.

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