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Hello all,

Great forum.

I live in the Isle of Man - the land of no speed limits - and have enjoyed number of fast cars as well as my trusty Land Cruiser Amazon VX.

I am soon moving back to the UK with my family and decided to invest in and enjoy a GTR.

Would you experts kindly answer a a few questions?

1. Is it best to purchase new - I assume there is a waiting list - or get one a year or so old? Most of my cars have been £50K+ and losing £10K as soon as you turn the iginition key gets a bit tedious.

2. Where do you see valuations in say 1 year, 3 years, 5 years? Does the latest GTR range hold its value reasonably well?

3. Servicing costs assuming average mileage?

4. Insurance? I am 53 with 35 years no claims, will be living in East Yorkshire.

5. Do you guys ever have meets etc?

I have three sons the eldest of whom at 18 is a real car enthusiast and can't wait for me to get tthe GTR. He curently owns a Honda Civic Jordan. Only 500 were ever made and I think there are only around 300 left.

Thanks and I look forward to participating here.

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