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As eveybody in the UK and Europe has probably or noticed it is very cold out. And due to the salt on the roads etc the R32 hasn't been out much lately and if she did it was either not far or not fast.

Now I could hold myself back today so I took her for a spin. At first everything seemed ok but she felt somewhat strange. I could quite put my finger on what. She seems to hold back a bit every once and every while.
When flooring it and shifting up boost goes upto 1 bar approx and creeps up a bit when speeds go up as I have a stage 1 car on std tubbies and internals etc. But today when glancing my boostmeter I notest 1,5 bar :runaway:

That isn't very healthy for a std setup so I pulled over and looked for a loose pipe. Everything checked out. But as the car has always been like this, without boostcontoller and without a visual boostrestrictor this should have happened. She never did this before but could it be due to the strong cold somehow the boost hits 1,5 bar?

Anyways I have a Sard boostcontoller waiting to go on, so I guess I wont be waiting to long anymore :D
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