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Hi to all you nutters who want to be a little diferent..... add a little personality...... or go just wild with your bodies ..... wel not y own but y cars clothes..

Ive been in the body mod industry for 20 or so years or so and have come to realize all my passion is for the jap auto styling , hence the arrival of my new salon opening in january.

phew a guy who will take my car and inplant its own identity... its own custom kit ... yes and paint and wheels the list is endless not to mention graphics and so on....and one off,s

you may have seen some posts for "rear skirts" /"400 style splitters" jun style sides. trust style splitters . gtr fronts for gts,s and so on well this was an experiment to see if there would be a favorable reply and YES . so guys I hope to be busy over the next few weeks any inquiries are welcome and allready have some peeps who desire new clothes for there motas. so contact me guys/gals my kits are 1/2 weeks delivery no 3month waits!

CEM ill be in touch re advertising slot on the web. thanks for your patience , looking forward to your comments on costs and board logo etc...yours Jap styling salon .So as to not create waves in the "trade club" ive arranged banner for december with Cem and am in the process of creating a web page to follow in the new year . ps trade enquiries welcome
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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