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The 'Hyper Rev' publications are a must have item for all Japanese car enthusiasts!

All models including some of the quirkier ones have at some stage had a volume dedicated to them.

When a new volume is issued, all parts currently available for your pride and joy are listed in sub sections complete with manufacturers names and a small image of the part, vital for ordering the right part and also for finding parts which you were unaware existed on the other side of the world.

These books make ordering a part from Sumo extremely easy, we strive to keep titles in stock for our own use, This means you can call our sales department and quote the book number, page and product name, we can then in turn pass this information on to our office in Japan for quotation and availablity.

There are features in each book which include vehicles from tuning housing in Japan so you can grab ideas and information so make your car slightly different from the masses.

Each title is written in Japanese but as they say ' A picture speaks a thousand words'
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