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WE will be attending Japshow Final on 08/10/06 and you will find us in the traders area.

Below are what we have on offers for skyline including GTS and GTR...

R34 GTR Carbon Fibre Front Splitter £ 450

R33 GTR Carbon Fibre Front Splitter £ 350

R33 GTR Carbon Fibre Bonnet Lip £ 95

R32 GTR Border Style Vented Bonnet £ 595

GTR Grille for R33 GTS £50.00

R33 GTR Spoiler (without brake light) £180.00

R33 GTR NWW Front Bumper £250.00

R33 GTS Drift Front Bumper £250.00

R33 GTR Front Bumper for GTS Fitment £280.00

R34 GTT Impul Front Bumper £250.00

R34 GTT Nismo Side Skirts £200.00

R34 GTT Rear Spoiler £180.00

R32 Carbon Boot £300.00

R34 Carbon Boot £375.00

R33 GTR blades In colour CARBON (SINGLE Blade) £150.00

R33 GTR Blades In Colour TWIN Blade Design £180.00

R33 GTS Border Style CARBON bonnet Spec 1 and Spec 2 £550.00 + pp

R34 Ganador style Carbon Mirrors £200.00

NGK Iridium Plugs BKR7EIX x6 £40.00

EBC Redstuff Pads

(Front) R32 GTR Non V, R33 GTST , R34 GTT £ 85
(Rear) For Above £ 60

(Front) R32, 33, 34 GTR (Brembos) £ 70
(Rear) For Above £ 45

WE are doing approx over % 20 off retail for our EBC pads for Japshow so if they are not listed, email us your requirement and I will get them in for you.

All the items have to be pre-ordered and paid for by first week of october so we know what to bring to the show.

Offers are for items collected at the show only (However delivery can be arranged at cost if required).......

3,010 Posts
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woh?! oops! soz! the prices are all wrong! will get it corrected by the mods.
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