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*** RELEASED ***

We're very pleased to announce the release of the JCR OEM Replacement 'Race Spec' Turbo chargers for the Nissan R35 GTR.

These turbo's utilise the latest Motorsport derived tech and are produced exclusively for JCR by UK based Motorsport turbo suppliers Owen Developments. Designed with the track in mind, the JCR ‘Race Spec’ turbos deliver incredible levels of response, power and torque throughout the rev range. Each unit is rated to 400HP+ (on pump fuel) with supporting JCR modifications whilst remaining within the safe turbo RPM limits.

The JCR turbo’s will be available on an exchange basis and feature the following:

* Ported OEM Turbo Intake Pipes
* Replacement Ball Bearing Core Assembly
* Motorsport Spec Ball Bearing Upgrade
* Machined OEM Compressor Covers
* Billet Compressor Wheels
* Machined Manifold / Turbine Housing
* Billet Stainless Steel Internal Heatshields
* Cut Back Turbine Blades
* Polished Billet Actuators

£4145 +vat (pair)

(based on exchange of serviceable OEM turbo’s)

JCR will also be offering a range of optional extras as shown:

* Billet Conical Compressor Nut £64 +vat
* Anodised Compressor Covers £128 +vat
* Anodised Compressor Wheels £18 +vat
* Anodised Billet Actuators £18 +vat
* Zircotec Ceramic Coated Manifolds £635 +vat
* JCR Turbo Speed Sensor Kit £548 +vat

For further information or to place an order please contact [email protected]

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Looks good Jonny.... try putting a link in the General section as for some reason things tend to get missed here.
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