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Still Sealed.

Genuine DVD
JDM Option International
Volume 17.

UK Dubbed/Subtitled.

Region Free (Plays on All) - Bought in the U.K.

65mins Long.

I have another copy of this myself and is a great issue of Option.

25 of the best Japanese Drifters fighting it out at a Special Stage in Odaiba,Tokyo. A few heats, going into a Night Time Battle. Some lovely looking footage.

Also a look at the D1 Street Legal Class which kicked off recently, showing the Nismo S15 in practice.

Also, a segment on D1 Grid Girls, their daily ride feature.

Kazama + Nomura messing about.

ALSO! 300km/hr Wangan Action Segment, Chiba-kun goes off to race on the Wangan...meeting up with Smokey Nagata.. some nice GTR Footage, also the first footage of Top Secret's 350GT Skyline, on the Wangan and on the Autobahn.

Very good DVD, nice stocking filler ;)

10.00pounds posted :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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