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For Sale.

Lightly used set of JIC Magic SF1 Coilovers for R33 GTR (may fit R34 GTR also, but I cannot confirm).

Good condition, no leaks or knocking or scored damper rods

These are the SF1 Coilovers, with fixed damping, set for Street/Light Circuit, and very popular in Japan, particularly with Nissan 200SX's etc.

The springs are stiff 12Kgmm Front / 10kgmm Rear, absolutely zero bodyroll / nose diving under braking, a little firm for daily driving (although less harsher than most Tein's with Pillowball top mounts), more suited to track day / weekend setup.

The damping is very compliant and a very well spec'd by JIC, and ideal for someone who just wants a bolt on well spec'd set of coilovers for fast road/light track use.

Full ride height adjustment

Price: £300.00 delivered next day DHL
Paypal accepted.

Thanks! Laurence
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