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Here is the spec, copy and paste job

R33 Std Block (non porous!!)
RB Motorsport Custom 2.8l Billet Crank + ATI Crank damper
RB Motorsport 2.8l Forged Rods
OS Giken Forged 86.5mm pistons.
RB Motorsport Ported head, bronze valve guides and rear of head cooling mod
Tomei 1.5mm Head Gasket
N1 Con Rod bearings
2860-10 Turbos x2 (equivalent to HKS GT-RS runing at 1.8bar)
Tomei 260° Poncams Type A
OS Giken adjustable Cam Pulleys
Tomei upgraded Valve springs
Oil Pump (Keith Cowies car) - not sure make but better than N1 oil pump
Trust extended sump with additional extension (Keith Cowies car, Total of 9liter capacity)
Tomei sump baffle
Twin Tomei fuel pumps + Nismo Fuel Pressure Regulator
RC 750cc injectors
Tomei Turbo elbows
Trust Downpipes
Greddy 16 row oil cooler
Greddy Type R BoV
Greddy Catch tank
Trust Timing Belt
RB Motorsport Red Coils
Full HKS Hard Pipe kit
Autobahn Large intercooler
Mishimoto Racing Radiator
Trust Greddy - 8 plugs ( and set of -9 plugs and a set of -9 race plugs)
Engine assembly fully dynamically balanced

Link G4 ECU (MAP based - Mapped to 1.8bar)
Link Knock Warning light
Apexi AVC-R Boost controller

OS Giken Triple plate clutch

XYZ 6 pots front 355 mm discs
XYZ 4pots rear

TEIN superstreet with EDFC
Whiteline front and rear adjustable sway bars
HiCas removal kit

Cusco 6point roll cage
Skyline rear illuminated panel - Red
FRP (carbon covered) Rear Boot

No real plans to mess around with the power/engine.
Response is good especially for the power it produces. This project should really be called Hollywood makeover as its getting lots of cosmetic surgery. It would have been nice to have been able to post nice pics of the car but honestly is a bit of an eyesore right now and here is why

Spunky headlights

Rotten arches

An there is the absence of the front splitter

The plans are simple and in order

1 fit the new carbon wrapped splitter (cheers Newera)

2 wet sand and buff the headlights

3 cut out the arch rot, fit wider arches (cheers Japsalon) and hubcentric 25mm spacers until I chose which wheel to go with

4 rip out interior and completely freshen up with carbon dipped interior trim, black carpet, paint the roll cage black, new steering wheel and new front seats and flock the dash board

This is going to take the bloomin best part of the rest of the year :(

Next year will see the bonnet go, front bumper and front qtr panels and a complete respray

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Should be an interesting project/resto, happy to help when my workshop is built as we discussed. Can't believe the rear arches were allowed to get that bad, they have actually eroded away! Keep the updates rolling as she progresses mate:thumbsup:

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They are really bad but the rest of the car seems fine. Strut tops are good, underneath is above average as well.
I have plenty of bits for you to pretty up :)

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Suggestions for the rear ? I don't think I will be fitting the rear seat's. I'm swaying to the idea of just covering everything up but I want it fitted very snuggly.. what padding can I put down

The panels are going to be dipped in carbon once Drewzer gets set up
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