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Jun Lemon


It's a real pleasure to see you finally made it to the GTR board, albeit that you are about to sell the car.

As has been mentioned, the car has been discussed many times, but has been seen by only a very few. Perhaps if you were to bring it to a GTR event, more people would be able to judge the car themselves and you might find a potential buyer.

I understand it is difficult to make time, but there are also a number of GTR enthusiasts in Scotland (JasonO, Hugh Keir, Charlie and Keith to name a few) who manage to attend UK events.

You might even find your enthusiasm for the GTR becomes renewed, if you have a chance to race against a few other powerful GTRs.

Good luck in whatever you choose.


PS I did consider the car myself some time ago, but proceeded to build my R34 to very high bhp and am also importing a Japanese Drag Racing R32.
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