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Sorry for the simple questions here. Did some searching and found some answers, other still up in the air. Information on this car here in the USA is limited to say the least.

2002 R34 GTR

I rebuilt the gearbox due to a snapped input shaft. Previous owner had REdline Shockproof in the case(nono :chairshot), so I'm going to put in V160/DII or some RP Syncromax. The fluid in the transfer case was dirty so I tossed it. So that leads me to these questions:

1) What fluid does the transfer case case accept?
2) What are the nominal capacities of the gearbox and transfer case fluids(quarts or liters is fine)? I have to order the fluid and would like to know how much is needed. and unfortunately the owners manual is not with the car.

One final thing. The customer purchased a Nismo 13/16" slave cylinder to be put in however I've read some conflicting reports that it doesn't work with the R34 six speed. Can anyone confirm/deny this(specifically Getrag 6 speed with Nismo Coppermix twin plate)???

I can power bleed the clutch hydraulics system easily, but would rather not install a brand new part only to find out that it's incompatible with the clutch actuation. I'd rather just return or resale it as a new part if it's not going to work from the start.

As always, you help is much appreciated here! :clap: The car should be up and running this week. He'll get some miles on it before winter hits and it get's torn down for a track car build
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