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Moving from the Newbie section now. I picked this car up not too long ago. Going to try and get it prepped up for the upcoming Time Attack season. Has a Greddy Turbo Timer and Boost Controller, Ball Bearing Turbos, HKS coilovers, Nardi Wheel, Work Kais, and not too much else. Came like this when I bought it. The wheels have a suck-butt offset and right now I'm running snow tires on these for my daily purposes. Should be picking up another set of wheels and race rubber soon.

Plans include:
Exhaust... obviously( Mine's Titan maybe)
Upgraded Turbos and piping
Probably a stiffer suspension setup
aftermarket ECU.... any way, the usual stuff some other considerations are Dry carbon doors and door cards, dry carbon everything.. blah blah.. need more money.. anyway.

more pics to come
space reserved as a build thread.
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