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Hi all, I carried out my first clutch relearn and for those that haven't done this before, its a breeze to do. I've been thinking about doing it for a while - read previous posts - but always had a worry it would not work right and I'd somehow mess something up. If it ain't broke, why fix it etc.....

Anyhow, I get the car serviced twice a year so it gets the annual optimisation done but whilst in the boot looking for the air compressor to pump up/check the tyres I found my Cobb Accessport. I had some spare time and decided to have a go myself as its not due an optimisation for a few months and I had noticed the gear changes sometimes felt a little clunkier than normal and sometimes it felt as if the car was being held back on changing gears. Wasn't doing it all the time but after 2 1/2 years ownership it could sometimes feel a bit "rough".

Dead easy to do. Engine running, everything up to temperature, in Park, handbrake on. Accessport plugged in. Select TCM Map, then Touch Points (they were on 0, 0) and then select Clutch Relearn. Accessport tells me its performing the Clutch Relearn, car dash tells me checking Transmission. Was whisper quiet for a probably about 30 secs, then heard the gearbox whirring, clicking, which I think is it selecting each gear. There was a clunk/jerk half-way through but other than that, just the slight noises. Literally a couple of minutes later, Accessport tells me its all done.

It's made a difference. Just pulling away is a lot smoother, no jerkiness on light throttle, no hesitancy. Gear changes smoother (2nd to 3rd was instantaneous, not even a slight pause). At higher speeds it is MUCH smoother. A couple of times it had previously felt like it was "banging" into gear (e.g. quick blast 3rd to 4th) but now just like the other changes - smooth. I don't know why, but it feels as if the car is quieter too, less whine above 50mph. I don't know what the clutch relearn does mechanically but on my 2010 with 38k miles it has made a difference. Best 5 min "fix" I've ever done on the car :)
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